Netflix iTunes and Amazon – Imagine Having a Share


Who wouldn't have loved having a piece of these industry game changers? Netflix - totally changed the way people rent, borrow and watch movies at home and on the go. You don't see many video stores around any more, do you? iTunes - totally … [Read more...]

Are You Making New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions It's a funny time of year. Soon, the gyms and weight loss clinics across the glove will be filled with people who all did one thing - they made a resolution for the New Year to slim down; take some weight off; get … [Read more...]

Developing an Appreciation Marketing Strategy

One of the things I've grown to love very quickly about a business with Send Out Cards is the power in Appreciation Marketing; Gratitude and Serving Others. How many businesses can you do this in? Doesn't it feel great to appreciate others; to … [Read more...]

Is Send Out Cards the New Netflix?

How would you like to have a small commission on every movie watched by Netflix viewers all around the world? What if you had that chance with another product? 10 years ago no one had really heard of Netflix.  Today Netflix is considered a … [Read more...]