Jackie Ulmer’s Story

Hi, I’m Jackie Ulmer. Thanks for reading my story on my own personal journey in Network Marketing; Direct Sales and Home Based Business.

I started in Network Marketing in January, 1994, as an extreme skeptic. I had built a successful career in the Travel Industry and Airline Sales and Marketing, so I wasn’t sure I should get involved with “one of those!” Sound familiar?

However, I quickly realized that while it wasn’t “get rich quick”, it was something that could grow very significantly if I would take it on as a serious business and not a hobby or something that was going to build itself.

I grew a successful business over the course of the first 6 years and found the Internet in 1999, and decided to take on learning this “tool” for helping in my business to find people interested in a home business and develop relationships.

Since that time, I have sponsored over 1200 people into a Network Marketing business. It has been the most amazing way to continue growing a business and I have a true passion for helping others do the same thing. It also allowed me to become a multi-million dollar income earner in Network Marketing, all while being a mom; and home with my kids. Pinch me – this did exceed my wildest dreams!

Here is my video story, both the failures and the successes, and why I joined this online greeting card business!

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I was first introduced to this company when it launched in the Summer, 2004. I was very interested because it was so unique and different than anything I had ever seen in Network Marketing. But it was a start up, and I was well on my way to the top of another company.

Still, it intrigued me and I began to watch it over the next 6 years!!

I became the top income earner in another company and while the money was great, there were some serious flaws in the growth and direction the company was headed. At least for me.

I wanted a strong company culture; an income I could depend on (not changing the compensation plan every time the economy took a dip!) and something that could grow quickly and successfully on a global basis.

So, I had a huge dilemma. Although I had built a huge business and income elsewhere, was that enough to keep me there? Was I really happy and pursuing my dream?

Plus, through the Internet, I began generating dozens of International leads each month. I had no where to go with them and was leaving money on the table. This company was expanding internationally, was highly internet based, and I loved the thought of no product arriving at my home each month!

And, I loved the concept of gratitude and appreciation as a solid business model – after all, sending out cards and gifts to show appreciation and love is timeless and in demand!

Bingo! Big fit!

What ultimately interested me specifically in sending out cards and building an Internet based Greeting Card business is:

  • Appeals to men and women and all demographics of the population
  • Operates in 7 countries with big international expansion plans
  • Affordable monthly auto-ship – $31.00
  • Offers a product that is in demand by business and consumers, so it’s more than a “pay plan”
  • Highly Internet Based
  • Exceptional Training and Systems already in place
  • Huge growth potential
  • Something other Networkers could add as a secondary, support program for their leads and customers. This gives me the ability to coach MANY others on the power of what this type of business offers!

Does any of this appeal to you? If so, let’s talk and explore some options for joining the team and working together and building a future.

I would love to be your success coach as well, on this team and journey. Complete the contact form to request samples and details of the business or call me, 805-628-2504 and let me walk you through our site and let you experience the product and its impact. Talking about it is one thing; experiencing it is another!

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Catch my video as I shared my story at a company Super Saturday event in Southern California >>>>>>>


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