Finally, a Unique, Profitable Home Business That Doesn’t Stock Inventory!


Hi! I’m Jackie Ulmer and I’m thrilled to share this unique, greeting card business and an opportunity to personally work together.

I’m a 20+ year veteran of Network Marketing and home business, as well as an author, speaker and trainer within the network marketing profession.

I also coach and train on Social and Relationship Marketing.

I love training others on how to create the lifestyle and business of their dreams.

Are you interested in this?

Our business of Sending Out Cards is being called “The NetFlix” of the Greeting Card Industry. We are changing the way people buy REAL greeting cards and gifts. Imagine shopping right at home, online without hassling with the mall, the post office or busy parking lots! Imagine getting paid when someone, somewhere, all across the globe logs onto your site, and sends a REAL greeting card to touch the life of another person…


Are you looking for:

  • A Business With No Inventory?
  • A Business With No Products to Stock or Deliver?
  • A Business With No High Monthly Sales Quotas to Get Paid?
  • More fun out of life? More fun in a business and your work?
  • A Business you can run online, from home or anywhere in the world with your SmartPhone, or Laptop and Internet Connection



Are you tired of:

  • Juice and Vitamin Programs – they are everywhere and way too many “me, too” products out there
  • $150-250 monthly auto-ship just for products to be involved in the business
  • Way too much inventory coming in with no ability to retail it.
  • “Downline Builder Systems” promising the moon and delivering nothing but debt.
  • Too much hype created by fear of loss.


Let me paint a vision of what we have, and what made this business irresistible to me-


Please, take a few moments to explore the possibilities of our business; our commitment to excellence; and our commitment to assisting you every step of the way….

“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” – Mark Twain

Every day, thousands of men and women across the globe are looking to take charge of their lives; their financial future and security; and create a higher quality of life. It’s not just about money – it’s about time to enjoy the money you do make.

For immediate access to the company site and information, enter your details below! We would love for you to Send Out a Card through our system, for free! Who is someone you care about who would love to get a surprise card in the mail?