How to Walk Away From the 40 Year Plan

Escape the Corporate Rat Race

Escape From the 40 Year Plan...And Create a Lifestyle   I remember the days of feeling like I was trapped….stuffed inside a cubicle in a high rise office building… Have you ever felt this way? Watching the smokers out on the balcony, … [Read more...]

Building Your Greeting Card Business With Urgency

Build Your Greeting Card Business With Urgency and be READY for Global Expansion NOW is the perfect time to build your business and to put yourself into massive, consistent, effective action in your greeting card business. Why? Imagine what can … [Read more...]

Why People Don’t Buy or Join Your Business

Jackie Ulmer, Freedom Business Coach

We've all been there, when working a home business. We might do the perfect presentation, but for some reason, the person we show it to doesn't join us or buy from us. What did we miss? What did we leave out? What did we do wrong? What … [Read more...]

The Danger in Comparing Yourself to Others

Dom't compare yourself to others

Don't Compare Yourself to Others in Your Network Marketing Business Compete only with yourself and measure each success you experience against others. A big mistake we often make in our network marketing business is - We look at others in the … [Read more...]

How to Create Fast Success in Your Greeting Card Business in 8 Weeks


Network Marketing Success Checklist Congratulations! Are you ready to finally be successful in Network Marketing?   Don't let me speak for you, but I probably know how you are feeling. If you've read my story, you know that I will never … [Read more...]

My Business and Team Plan for 2013


Welcome 2013! It's here, like it or not! And, most people I have spoken with are GLAD to release 2012 and welcome in this promising, new year! How about you? It's always a good idea to reflect on what worked and what didn't from the previous year, … [Read more...]

How to Introduce the Business to Others


If I could show you some simple ways to share your business with others, would that help? One thing people so often struggle with is what to say to - People they know. People they meet. Follow up with people they have already talked … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Business Simple


Very often, people struggle with success in their network marketing business because they don't really know how to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Does this describe you at all? The main things you want to focus on for success in your business is those … [Read more...]

SOC Perfect Mom Business


19 years ago, when I was seriously looking for a business, I wish this online greeting card and gift company business had been around! I would have jumped on board in a heartbeat! Why? Well, I had a list of criteria in a business that I did and … [Read more...]

We’ve Expanded in Singapore


Have you ever dreamed of having an international business? A business that you can run literally from your home, with your laptop, and Skype? Back in October, 1999, when I first started poking around on the internet, and building my first web … [Read more...]