Vision and Your Business Success

Creating a Powerful Business Vision

Have You Created Your Business Success Vision? . When you take the time to learn how the universe works, you can create whatever you want in a short amount of time. The secrets of the universe are really no secret. Have a vision; speak it … [Read more...]

Building Your Greeting Card Business With Urgency

Build Your Greeting Card Business With Urgency and be READY for Global Expansion NOW is the perfect time to build your business and to put yourself into massive, consistent, effective action in your greeting card business. Why? Imagine what can … [Read more...]

Why People Don’t Buy or Join Your Business

Jackie Ulmer, Freedom Business Coach

We've all been there, when working a home business. We might do the perfect presentation, but for some reason, the person we show it to doesn't join us or buy from us. What did we miss? What did we leave out? What did we do wrong? What … [Read more...]

Stories Sell, Facts Just Tell

Stories Sell in SendOutCards

Stories are a powerful way to build rapport and sponsor! . How many times have you heard, a picture paints a thousand words? So, imagine how it is when you tell stories that paint a picture? People don't remember facts, figures, patents that … [Read more...]

Netflix iTunes and Amazon – Imagine Having a Share


Who wouldn't have loved having a piece of these industry game changers? Netflix - totally changed the way people rent, borrow and watch movies at home and on the go. You don't see many video stores around any more, do you? iTunes - totally … [Read more...]

How to Create Fast Success in Your Greeting Card Business in 8 Weeks


Network Marketing Success Checklist Congratulations! Are you ready to finally be successful in Network Marketing?   Don't let me speak for you, but I probably know how you are feeling. If you've read my story, you know that I will never … [Read more...]

How to Introduce the Business to Others


If I could show you some simple ways to share your business with others, would that help? One thing people so often struggle with is what to say to - People they know. People they meet. Follow up with people they have already talked … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Business Simple


Very often, people struggle with success in their network marketing business because they don't really know how to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Does this describe you at all? The main things you want to focus on for success in your business is those … [Read more...]

SOC Holiday Beach Party


What is your number one "hot button" that you want from your home business? Have you thought about this? Have you written it down? Mine is travel and making friends all around the globe. This year, thanks to SendOutCards, I had the chance to … [Read more...]

It’s the Holidays at Send Out Cards


While many home businesses come to a standstill during the busy holiday season, our online greeting card and gift company are full speed ahead. Here are some stats on cards sent so far: This Month: 1,728,955 This Year: 12,275,427 In Total: … [Read more...]