My 72 Hour Challenge With You

Getting Started Right in Your Business Sending Out Cards

My goal, when I sponsor you into my business is to FIRST, get your investment into your business back, and prove to you how amazing our simple system is!

We will do this by sharing in a 72 hour challenge together. Here is how that works:

Who are the first three people you will send a card to in the next 72 hours?

1. ______________
2. ______________
3. ______________

Who will you send a card and a gift to in the next 72 hours?

1. ______________

List 10 people you want to introduce the system, card tool and business to?

1. ______________
2. ______________
3. ______________
4. ______________
5. ______________
6. ______________
7. ______________
8. ______________
9. ______________

Of the 14 names you have above, who are the 3 that you and I will have some fun with on the phone, showing the card tool and business to?

1. ______________
2. ______________
3. ______________

Are you ready? I want to be your coach, friend and card mentor/teacher! Imagine repeating this every 72 hours for 90 days. What might your business look like?


  1. Hi Jackie,
    I am preparing now for my business launch on April 6th.
    Let’s do the 8 point daily, 72 hour, 90 day rinse and repeat plan, then see how quickly we can build a team of 100, as a start.
    Give me a week to thoroughly educate myself through your websites, videos, etc., then I will contact you next weekend, and maybe have a chat before I get started for real.

  2. EXPECT Success!

  3. I like it Ted, let’s rock the business and the UK! It’s time for a party over there and you are the star! Let’s chat anytime!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

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